Me, myself and man in the mirror.

Asking one to describe their self is quite an ask. Where do you begin condensing years of experiences both trivial and important? (Might as well be the present.)

My name is Rahman. By day, I'm an advertising strategist-slash-copywriter. By night, I sleep for 8 hours if I'm lucky. On weekends, I take photos or write and read aplenty. That's right, I live a wild life of partying.

I'm obsessed with soaking in general knowledge and understanding people, what makes them tick. I also have this odd (and constant) habit of imagining life as a mockumentary, and seeing the comedic side to everything.

Once you get to know me, you know I love to live a boring life that gives good laughs.

Why am I writing?

I love it. 

Chat me up

If you love all things comedic or people-insightful, I would be more than happy to have a coffee with you. (Or bubble tea, if you're anti-caffeine...)

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