Prehistoric comedy must have been easy.

Everyone would be great at prehistoric comedy

I like to think that comedy was way easier to perform back in prehistoric times.

I mean, it was a simple time of just grunts and violence. There was no need to set up a story or have political commentary as subtext. The only things cavepeople had to worry about was surviving. Unfortunately, because they can’t really talk, they wouldn’t be great casting in the hit reality show, Survivor. All that grunting and moaning would be terrible for the interviews and the gossiping.

Or maybe they would… subtitles these days are very universal. And I guess people might want to watch grunting and moaning on screen? After all, that’s a proven industry.

Plus, in primal times, obviously the only kind of comedy would be slapstick. With the lack of infrastructure and exposure to other cultures, the standards back then were probably very low. There were no comedy clubs back then – to be fair, all they needed to get laughs was to hit another caveman with a literal club.

(To be fair, that kind of humor sometimes still works today, so we might not have progressed much since.)

Also, you know how circuses today sometimes use animals for comedic bits? Imagine if cavepeople used animals back in their day too. To the joy of other cavepeople, any bad comedians would be fed to the sabretooth tigers. And can you imagine if they managed to tame dinosaurs for their entertainment? I’m still waiting for the day a paleontologist finally discovers a dinosaur’s funny bone.

Most importantly, I feel like cavepeople would not appreciate how they were depicted in The Flintstones. Too much clothes.

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