Living it up on LinkedIn

Unimportant news, but if you have room in your heart to care enough about my social media (or just have 3 minutes to kill), here’s an update: I recently took the time to overhaul my LinkedIn profile.

I know. How exciting. I’m officially a working professional on the World Wide Web! It’s like being on the WWE, but with a W at the end instead.

So anyway. What made me take the time to finally jazz up this dusty part of my social media arsenal?

Well, for one, it was about time. Considering I had spent over a year polishing the LinkedIn profiles for countless of big tech CxOs, writing thought pieces on their behalf and giving them content to update with on their profiles, it was a travesty that I was not doing the same for mine at all.

To be fair, I had no real reason to be spending time on LinkedIn.

1. Staying put: I’m not looking for a new job right now - where I am, I’m very happy and still learning plenty from my team, with big opportunities consistently coming my way. It’s hard to ask for more.
2. Thought leadership? Not yet: Writing thought pieces for professionals is my thing, but for myself? In my junior role, I doubt a lot of people would be trusting the opinions of a green horn.

I’d always thought to myself that the time for me to really take on LinkedIn would be when I got promoted - having that seniority would mean people will really pay attention.

Until one day. I decided to update my profile on LinkedIn that I had moved to New York, and suddenly? My notifications kept coming.

More than ever, I was getting job and interview offers galore. Invite after invite after invite, more and more and more! Apparently, moving to the other side of the world in an early stage of my career showed guts, and the move had signalled to potential employers I was ready to cut my teeth at the top.

And so, they came at me, offer after offer. Some local, some foreign, some mysterious. I felt like the most popular girl in school, and all these people wanted me to be their prom date.

Mind you, this is all on LinkedIn when I had only a half-decent page. Not a single opinion piece, nor even a full profile. Nothing to offer on a glance.

But just one update later about New York,  suddenly I was hot property? I began to imagine the possibilities. What if I had a fully embellished and substantiated profile?

… But I was too busy to be doing a lot of imagining, so I just did the work instead. I started actually completing my profile, and within an hour, LinkedIn said I had an “All-Star” profile. That moment gave me flashbacks to preschool, when teachers would stamp our books with stars to build our self-esteem for succeeding at the littlest things. So, to LinkedIn, let me tell you: you’re doing a “pre-school teacher” move (but I appreciate the encouragement.)

Anyway, guess what? Since then, more offers have started pouring in than ever! I’m sure they’ll definitely keep coming, but the reality is, I won’t be moving anytime soon. For now, it’s just really nice to know I’m wanted by the outside working world and to see what my options are out there.

(Unfortunately, I cannot say I’m facing the same success with online dating.)

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