Being Rocky in Philly

Last weekend, I went to Philly,
Home to the famous movies Rocky.
Of course when one goes there,
Visiting the famous steps is a must,
And if you don’t see his statue,
Then the trip was a bust.

Tourists flock to do a running montage from 43 years ago,
A moment so iconic,
It reminds you you real old.
“Gonna Fly Now” is the anthem that comes to mind,
I was ready to join them and not get left behind.

Taking flight to the theme song,
Up literal flights of stairs,
It all kinda feels like a sing-a-long?

A long and arduous run up to the state’s Art Museum,
Leaving you in a state of being arduous,
And looking like you belong in a mausoleum.
I think it will be good cardio,
Enough to make my heart badly go “Uh oh”.

In the build up, in my head,
I imagined this journey to be tough.
A thousand steps to conquer!
The climb will be climactic,
After a journey all too rough.

I think to myself,
I just have to take it step by step,
and prevent thoughts entering my head,
such as “Oh, crap.”

But once I got there, I was stunned.
There were only five flights of stairs,
And less than a minute later,
I was done?!

The moment was over,
I was already on top.
… Well, this occasion felt like a flop.

I thought about Sylvester Stallone,
Reaching the top and celebrating alone.
It’s no wonder now why he did it without company,
Because seriously gurl, it was just too easy.

I realised now movie moments are uplifting,
But reality lets you down.
Thanks Philly for the movie magic,
But my dreams of being Rocky just turned tragic. 

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